Day Three: As Evening Sets In

As we suspected, by early evening the mother ducks seem to be rejecting the littlest duckling (LD), as it can’t seem to keep up with the flock. This is hard to watch. It’s even harder to know whether to step in and help LD or just follow the mother’s lead. As humans, we know we wouldn’t leave a sickly child to die, yet the ducks know that perhaps that little duckling won’t beable to fly on it’s own some day and must let it go. Maybe it is sick, and the mothers are protecting the rest of the ducklings. This is where the human world and animal kingdom collide. Crossing that line is not always wise.

More and more we are witnessing one of the adult ducks flying away. Perhaps looking for grown-up food, or perhaps it is looking for another location. But where could they go? In a similar situation, our grown daugther called animal rescue and they couldn’t do anything with the ducks unless they were in danger. In this case, considering that we don’t live near any lakes or parks, the family of ducks seems safest here in this guarded environment. Time will tell. The summer is suddenly feeling

LD sits alone as the mother duck shelters the other ducklings under her wings

longer and hotter as reality sets in. We are faced with questions like, “What happens as the ducklings start getting bigger and running all over the yard?” What kind of chaos will that cause for them as well as us?

For now, they are managable. But, in the end, we’d want what is best for their survival. We’ll sleep on it again tonight. Mothers or parents (we are still not sure if they are two mothers or male and female) sit like cement statues is the cooler night air with ducklings under their wings in the darkness. We do a last check and rest alittle uneasy, worried if we’ll find LD perished in the morning. Nature’s way is showing it’s harshness in the happiest moments.

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