Day Four: The Loss of LD

The loss of the Littlest Duck this morning.

This morning we found LD, the smallest duckling who seemed to grow weaker every day, dying and isolated at the side of the pond. He perished shortly afterwards. We knew, as the adult ducks must have, that this one wasn’t going to make it in the world. Our human intentions to try to save it would have been in vain. In the early morning light, already sizzling hot, we went about our business with a solemness that we didn’t anticipate when the ducklings first made their appearance. Suddenly our dog started barking, back hair up, and nervously running from window to window! It appeared the ducks were moving more freely around the yard, closer to the patio! But, instead, it was ANOTHER adult whistling duck that had landed in our yard and was taking a little stroll. Was there some kind of newscast in the duck world that we were a refuge?! We laughed, thinking about all the stray cats and dogs over the years that we had given food and water to, and then more of their ‘stray friends’ would appear at our door, too! Ugh!

He left.

The duck drama seems to have mellowed this mid-day, with temperatures reaching 110 degrees. Everything and one seems to be laying-low. Even a squirrel, spread out flat on it’s belly in the cool dirt he scratched down to, has made a little napping bed for himself under one of our trees. LD’s spirit flew away with the other little duckling we lost, and life moves on, albeit…as slow as a muddy southern river.