Eat, Sleep, Float: The Ducklings At One Week Old!

Morning breaks with busy sounds of mowers, pool splashings, distant music, drive-way saws buzzing….and the ducks just float on! At one week old, we see stronger more spindly legs, longer necks, thinner faces and elongated eyes that identify them more as their mother’s breed. The ducklings move fast, making it more difficult for me (a novice) to capture them in pictures. The picture taking, over all, has been minimized due to the tree branch wall that we put around the pond to shade the water. It’s been a little frustrating. But…this family of ducks will be here for awhile, and I suspect the ducklings will be breaking away from the moms in predictable mayhem before long…as all our little ducklings do!

Temperatures here in south Texas have been high, often reaching into the triple digits. Promising gray clouds hang over these humid days but our yard has seen no rain. We are busy sanding our kitchen cupboards as we return to a long-over-due remodeling project, getting summer things down around the house, and the ducks just do their thing…in and out of the pond, scurry for food, scramble back to the pond then under the cool shade of the bush in late afternoon. After the evening quiets down, cools and darkens, mother duck sits with the ducklings around her or close under her wings and, for all we know, she stays that way all through the night.

More and more we are seeing only one adult duck staying with the babies, and a few times both adults leave. The ducklings move together in a swirly, striped mass like a sworm of bees, from the pond rocks to the bush. They have learned the power of the group.

While the duck world outside is simple and serene, my house inside is topsy-turvy with summer projects to do, to finish, to start! There are times that I look at those ducks and can see how our human world is just too complicated. No wonder we all enjoy sitting at the beach, basking in the sun, floating down a river in a tube or canoeing in quiet waters; just ‘being,’ not doing. It seems more the normal course of nature. Eat, sleep, play in the water, crap, eat some more, sleep, float; I could do that! Couldn’t we all?! Ha!

Happy one week survival birthday, ducklings!